Introduction to Motivation

Motivation is the fuel us humans need to excel at what we do. It is the most powerful and creative fuel on earth. There is an abundance of this fuel, yet very few of us use it and even fewer of us know how to use it properly. Without exception every single champion, every really successful business man, and all of the famous people we look up to in the world, know how to use this magical fuel.

Motivation definition

Motivation will drive you to succeed, no matter how many setbacks you encounter. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb, once said: -” I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”- That is an example of a highly motivated person.

How to get Motivated?

So how do you acquire ‘Motivation’ and how do you use it? This fuel is in your conscious and subconscious mind, and I will show you how to use it to maximize your success in everything you do in life. Your subconscious mind is absolutely remarkable. However, it cannot tell the difference between fact or fiction, it will believe everything it is fed from the conscious mind, it has no sense of humour, no logic and holds a vast amount of information.

Just to show you how powerful it is, I want you can do this little exercise – hold an object on a string and start swinging it left and right; then close your eyes and imagine it going in circles; when you open your eyes you will notice that your hand is moving the object in circles. This is because your subconscious mind tweaked your hand movements without you noticing it.

Now begin to imagine a goal you have wanted to achieve for a long time, you have finally achieved it, you are enjoying all the benefits of it and life is even better than you imagined it would be. See yourself enjoying the benefits of this goal. Now observe how you are feeling.  You might have butterflies in your tummy at the excitement of it all, you may even have a smile on your face. This has not happened yet and your subconscious mind can allow you to feel as if it has happened, that’s how powerful it is.

Tips on how to get ‘Motivated’:

1. Have a Reason to want to get motivated

Pick something that really matters to you, a passion, an interest etc. Something that inspires you to work hard – even when difficulties arise. If you choose a strong enough reason this can help you do more than you ever thought you would be capable of.

A good reason that is important to you will inspire you indefinitely. Any other reason has only a temporary effect on motivation. Passion will always replenish your motivation.

2. Have a big clear Vision for your future

Your vision is a powerful source of motivation but it’s still not your reality yet. You need to visualize it clearly in minute detail.

Having a vision is necessary because otherwise you will lack motivation if you don’t see where you are going. You need a target and this is the purpose of your vision to begin with.

Your ‘Vision’ must be realistic but inspiring It must go beyond your comfort zone. It must challenge and stretch your abilities.

3. Have a huge Appetite for Success

You need to hunger for your success. Your motivation level must be strong enough to overcome any obstacles that might hinder your way. Wanting something badly enough can make the difference between success and failure.

How can you want something badly enough? Your dreams and visions play a big role in your motivation. Your dreams will inspire you and your vision will lead you the way.

4. Never compare yourself with others

By comparing yourself with others, you will get disillusioned and your motivation will suffer. To compare yourself with others is not an accurate portrayal of your abilities, we are all unique individuals. Focus only on your own standards and progress. The only person you should compete with is yourself to improve as you progress.

5. Keep pushing forward

When we encounter obstacles there is a danger of quitting. You may feel like giving up or your vision may at times seem overwhelming. To have drive and courage to go on in the face of adversity and hardship is the difference between those who succeed and those who fall by the wayside.

When facing a situation that is overwhelming and difficult at the time, don’t focus on the big picture instead concentrate on taking just the next small step and let the smaller steps keep you going towards progress.

6. Never look to the past

Focusing on what has been may only stifle your efforts to go on. Forget yesterdays trials and tribulations and embrace the new challenges that come with fresh enthusiasm and motivation.

The mistakes of yesterday should not lead to new mistakes today. It’s already in the past and there’s nothing you can do about it so move on with a lesson learnt.

Address everyday as a new beginning. Never let the past influence the future.

Success and Motivation

To get motivated requires some work depending on personal background. People who were brought up in a poor environment, have more limiting beliefs but would have a higher drive to succeed in life. So to hunger for success, plays a major role in achieving a high result.

There are no personal, social or environmental circumstances, for example ill health, poverty, age, which will hinder or reduce your potential to succeed. Any obstacles along the way can be overcome by your level of motivation at the time. For example: there are plenty of successful businesses which were created within the slums of India and resulted in local millionaires; we have disabled athletes who are physically fitter and have achieve more than a lot of able-body people; there are fantastic books written by blind writers; many of our influential trends of popular music have come from ghetto type neighbourhoods; Ludwig van Beethoven wrote “Ninth Symphony” even though he was deaf. The point here being, it’s all down to ambition and motivation.

10 Self Motivating Tips:


No one else has the power to make you achieve your goals, that all comes from within yourself. All anyone else can do is offer encouragement or direction. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you to motive yourself:-

1. Break your own barriers, reach beyond what you think you can achieve. If you feel comfortable where you are then you are not making progress. Step away from your comfort zone.

2. There are no mistakes there are only lessons. Learning from your mistakes is the point of making mistakes so don’t be intimidate by them or afraid of making them.

3. We choose how we feel so having a positive disposition can only benefit you in all you do. Being happy will help with your motivation greatly.

4. Self development on a daily basis is important. Use things that motivate you, so you can develop your skills and aspirations for the future. Sacrifice even just a few minutes every day to make sure you stay on track.

5. Focus on one task at a time and always try to complete it before turning you attention to anything else. Develop a habit of finishing things that you started.

6. Don’t look to the past mistakes they will only hinder you. Focus on the present and put all your efforts into that.

7. The end result is important but also getting there is equally important. So always enjoy the process as this is a journey of self discovery.

8. When you experience an obstacle just keep going forward never entertain the idea of quitting as success maybe just around the corner.

9. Always have a big bold vision, don’t just aim for what we think we can achieve and never settle for less.

10. Unrealized potential is useless to the world and to yourself. So never hold back on expressing your talents. Explore and realize your potential you maybe surprised by what you find.

“We must be prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice who we are for who we are capable of becoming.”
by Charles Dubois

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